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Causes and symptoms of meningioma

20/09/202024977 хв.

One of the most common intracranial tumors, which is more often diagnosed in women than in men, is mostly benign meningioma. Let's understand what are its signs and causes.

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University clinics: what are they for?

13/12/201911645 хв.

Medicine as a sphere of scientific knowledge and practical activity is, without a doubt, special. This field requires constant practice and experience, so it is clear that the lion's share of leading European clinics are university.

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Self-medication or competence of family doctors

08/07/201916963 хв.

Everyone can be diagnosed with cancer, even if they do not have special medical education.

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Meningioma - surgery or not?

23/08/201826054 хв.

The diagnosis of "meningioma" does not always indicate the need for neurosurgery. In this case, the doctor may decide to choose the wait & see tactic (dynamic monitoring).

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Quackery in Ukrainian oncology

10/03/201813933 хв.

Oncology is one of the main diseases that take the lives of many Ukrainians.

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Detect in time. A story based on real events

10/01/201717794 хв.

The recent situation, which is unacceptable for medical staff, shocked me and turned me into a completely uncollegiate activist.

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