Medicine as a sphere of scientific knowledge and practical activity is, without a doubt, special. This field requires constant practice and experience, so it is clear that the lion's share of leading European clinics are university. Doctors of these clinics are engaged not only in clinical work, but also in scientific activities.

"Medicine is an area that requires continuous practice, and it is impossible to treat according to books." - Anton Shkiryak

There is little information in the books for effective treatment: it does not describe unusual situations and most of the pathologies that are relevant today.

In other developed countries, there are academic and university clinics that teach not on books or models, but on real patients and non-standard clinical cases. A doctor is a specialist who cannot do without constant training and practice, and in order for a young doctor not to want to change his profession, but to learn about medicine in the future, it is necessary to develop the structure of training and practice. However, a system similar to European hospitals or clinics in our country simply does not exist.

The structure of university hospitals in our country in a distorted, incomprehensible form. Departments at public hospitals do not have any access to clinical facilities. This situation needs to be changed through the introduction of university clinics. Young doctors will have the opportunity to learn and practice in real time, they will be able to get to know themselves faster and understand what they want to achieve in medicine. For example, there are many university and intern graduates who want to become neurosurgeons but have never been to the neurosurgery department. Others want to help, become nurses, but also have no practice in this area.

How to intensify the development of university clinics and academic hospitals? It is necessary to take as a basis clinics that have significant capacity, a large number of beds and an expanded network, and start teaching there. However, there is a question about the readiness of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health to compromise and implement this idea.

This should be done on the basis of powerful hospitals, because it makes no sense to conduct practical classes where they operate several times a year. This will not be a real place for practice, only the name "university" will remain.

There is also a high need to increase the salaries of physicians and establish equal rights and status for teachers and therapists. The work of those doctors who study and work at the same time must be well paid. He also believes that it is necessary to introduce the concept of "assistant doctor" - a person who helps the doctor, performs his duties, but is not legally responsible. Such a system will promote the formation of certified doctors who are confident in their work. And going back to the beginning of our article, let's remember that the main thing in medicine is constant training and continuous practice.