Oncology is one of the main diseases that take the lives of many Ukrainians. Despite the fact that it is a curable disease, and in the leading countries most cancer patients continue to live peacefully, in Ukraine the mortality rate from such diseases is very high.

This is due primarily to the lack of timely diagnosis. Patients rarely undergo medical examinations: usually only when it is too late to treat. Can the state influence this situation and facilitate early detection of the problem? Let's find out.

The state is obliged to introduce an oncology detection algorithm. We have already created a system of family doctors with whom patients have signed declarations. A family doctor is a "personal manager" of a person who knows absolutely everything about her. If cancer is suspected, he sends the patient for examination.

Physicians act in accordance with international practices established by the Association of Specialists in Algorithm of Action. This allows you to quickly detect or rule out cancer.

Unfortunately, quite often Ukrainian doctors, instead of prescribing additional examinations, prescribe unnecessary drugs and say that examinations are unnecessary. This is a certain quackery, it is impossible to call such "specialists" otherwise. And it is clear why district hospitals or dispensaries are afraid of losing their patient, who is a source of constant money.

Such hospitals do not have a sufficient number of diagnostic tools and are limited in modern treatment methodology. They do not refer the patient to specialized clinics for diagnosis. A patient with a chronic disease is a way of survival and prosperity of a medical institution and its employees. Until the state organizes a program to establish cancer diagnosis in the early stages, unfortunately in our country there will be a consistently high mortality rate from cancer.